Fragile Model of the Universe

Feb 28 - Mar 6

· 4 Times Square

Yulia Topchiy is pleased to showcase Fragile Model of the Universe, an immersive installation by Bryan McGovern Wilson.

The proposed bodies gathered in the installation Fragile Model of the Universe represent the capacity for modest materials to communicate across deep time. The flow of language and culture, and the rise and fall of empires would quickly render such gestures to transmit over gulfs of time in the realm of folly. Human modes of understanding and relaying knowledge change at a manic clip, ecologies of information generating their own systems, micro-climates, and topologies that require the non-human to translate and retransmit.

The Portal Puddles, Storage Panels Variant 02, and Colonies series are nodes for image information to be retained within a glass matrix. These glass bodies invite projection and reflection, implicating the viewer in their tacit conversations through timespace. These structures orbit the central paper structure Fragile Model of the Universe within the site. A representative of the organismic, the central structure and its attendant serve as a bridge from one timestate to the next.

Bryan McGovern Wilson is a trans-disciplinary artist whose projects investigate themes of the body, time, and ritual. Through his commitment to materials and process, Wilson looks to find the intersections of the hand and mind, working in concert with one another. He received his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and is a Fellow at the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies at Columbia University.