Max Headspace

Max Headspace

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

· 765 Washington St, New York, NY 10014

CoWorker Projects is pleased to present video works by Max Headspace, a collaborative project formed in 2011. Here is the statement from one of the members of Max Headspace. On July 4, 2011 a few innocent American artists were seized by the spirit & decided to paint a wall in honor of Mama America. But from the very first wall, the more they dug into American imagery, the more limbs that were uprooted, the more evil they discovered.

They began tapping into a stream of symbols of the collective unconsciousness, revealing an elaborate smokescreen that had been constructed by generations of agents of an international oligarchy. Each artist was/is just another digit in the glove or ball in the sack, useless (mostly) individually, but dangerous collectively. They recruited other artists, first at a Ponderosa steakhouse, then at a self-service can recycling center, and finally at an unlabeled chute where babies are made. The artists posted recordings of their psychic divinations, knowing full well that their findings would be lost in the endless candy stream of technicommerce, magazine subscriptions, artisinal condiments, television spin-offs, insurance claims, 3D glasses, cat litter, rebates, wishbones, FICA withholdings, Sam Elliott narration, Skittles variations, the caves of Lascaux, ______ .

With the imagery of each wall inching closer to the revealing the master blueprint, the artists sensed the noose tightening as a network of enforcers began to abduct and interrogate innocent housepainters in Brooklyn. They found that an army of attorneys was pursuing copyright on a laundry list of images like horses, rocks and breasts on behalf of humanity. The artists suspended communications after a 12 hour wall in February 2012, waiting waiting waiting or maybe just stepping out for tacos