Small Dream Ada and Guests

Small Dream Ada and Guests

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

· 765 Washington St, New York, NY 10014

Begun as a collaboration between poet/songwriter Alaina Ferris and composer Tyler Gilmore, Small Dream Ada is darkly hued indie hybrid ensemble, akin to artists such as St. Vincent, Hanne Hukkleberg, and Fiona Apple. “The gorgeous, ethereal sounds of musician/singer/composer Alaina Ferris make the experience truly special.” Adam R. Burnett, Alaina Ferris (vocals). Pier Luigi Salami (piano). Matt Schlatter (guitar). Marty Fowler (bass). Mike Beck (drums) Small Dream Ada will be playing an intimate show in SubTwine (underneath Entwine). Guest sets by songwriters Dylan McKinstry and Eden Sela. Sunday, June 2nd. 7pm. No Cover.

Dylan McKinstry is a vibrant acoustic instrumentalist and composer. His playing and singing both stun with their fresh simplicity, deeply rooted in bluegrass and folk.

Eden Sela "With large eyes that seem to make simple words into complicated stones, Eden Sela is one of Brooklyn’s most captivating secrets. [...] Watching her on stage is like witnessing a contrarian’s example of Deleuze and Guattari‘s theories of multiplicity. [...] Singing into two microphones, a crowd of electronically generated iterations of herself respond (live) to her solo vocalizations." -Seat of Perception Cultural Review